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The International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network, (ILGCN) was founded in Paris in 1992

ulture is a life enhancing and identity-building factor in all societies and social groups.  The International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network, (ILGCN) was founded in Paris in 1992 with the object of working with culture and cultural events to contribute to the ending of discrimination against gays and lesbians, to show the contribution that they have made to the culture of society at large, and to increase contacts between “our” cultural workers world-wide.

We have regularly published a quarterly journal in the English language - ERATO.  We have co-ordinators in both North and South America, Australia, a number of European countries, Asia, and  contact with cultural workers in Africa. The network nominates Cultural Ambassadors, organises cultural assistance/visits where its limited  resources can be of help.


The ILGCN has  appointed ”cultural ambassadors” from the smaller nations or from countries where not many cultural personalities have dared to take the step of coming-out on the stage, in front of a TV camera or at an exhibition hall.

This list of dancers, singers, musicians, photographers, and artists are being invited  to local and national pride events, international happenings, and world cultural conferences. More organizers realize that homo culture that those who ”come out singing” or wave other ”cultural flags” can be a most powerful weapon against homophobia and silence.

The network cannot act as agents for the performers. We have neither the work-force nor the experience.

Within the limitations of  their professional  work  and the problems caused by a general lack of money, our cultural ambassadors, - openly gay and lesbian performers and artists - agree to perform or otherwise support  the cultural events of the movement, for the minimum which they can afford. Perhaps only for travel costs, or for a reduced fee. Should they be in „your“ area anyway, perhaps even for next to nothing.

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