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ello! ERATO is the Greek goddess of erotic poetry - but if you are after pornography you are in the wrong website!

During the last ten years in particular as volunteer worker and sometime unpaid editor of the German gay and lesbian journal Die Andere Welt - and as a gay activist for over 12 years - I have written a number of articles which might be of interest to people who don't know Die Andere Welt, or who haven't kept back numbers. Contributions from other authors are also to be found.

In the course of time I hope that we will have an index of films and books reviewed as well as versions of contributions in both English and German. In some cases however, they will not be direct translations.

The contributions reflect, of course, my interest in the film world, in history, music, books and biography, but also my activity in the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN) - for which I produce the quarterly journal ERATO - in English - and in amnesty international's LGBT group in Germany.

Colin de la Motte-Sherman

Now available:

The Persecution of Gays in Germany 1933 - 45

an ILGCN brochure (36 pages)
ISBN: 3-930873-33-8

An essay and collection of articles, some published for the first time in English. The articles which mostly appeared in Die Andere Welt, cover not only the original theme but the struggle of the gay movement for the recognition of homosexual men as victims of the Nazis.

3 Euro per copy +post & package
1 copy inc. post & packaging = 7.50 DM in Germany, 8.50 DM in Europe.

Postal address:
I L G C N, Motzstrasse 5, 10777 Berlin, Germany.

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